Universal Contour Wrap

Lose 6-inches (for 30 days) in 2 hours, guaranteed!

We are so excited to launch the “Universal Contour Wrap” at Opal Spa and Laser Center. We are now a certified spa to carry and preform this lovely treatment for our clients.

Universal Contour Wrap – Overview

Universal Contour Wrap is the inch loss treatment that guarantees you’ll lose at least 6 inches in just 2 hours, making it the perfect solution when you have to look your best for that special occasion.

The 6 inch loss is also guaranteed to stay off for at least 30 days so you can be confident of looking great long after leaving the salon. This may sound too good to be true but with average losses of 8-12 inches from just one treatment, UCW is the inch loss treatment you can trust.

The Universal Contour Wrap doesn’t just deliver exceptional inch loss; the unique clay formula and special wrapping techniques the therapists use, also tighten and tone your body while exfoliating and cleansing the skin so you will not only look great, you’ll feel fabulous too, after just one treatment.

So whether you’re looking to kick-start a slimming plan or target a few stubborn inches you can rely on Universal Contour Wrap to deliver instant results that will keep friends and family wondering how you do it.

Universal Contour Wrap – What are the Benefits?

With Universal Contour Wrap you’re guaranteed to lose 6 inches in just 2 hours that will stay off for at least 30 days.

The unique clay formula and special wrapping techniques used in the treatment shape and tone your body, leaving you feeling great and looking your best.

Universal Contour Wrap offers more than just guaranteed inch loss:

Toning and Firming – UCW revitalizes the body’s elastin and compacts areas where fat is stored, literally sculpting your body into the shape you deserve.

Exfoliating and Cleansing – During the treatment your entire body is wrapped in the warm clay and bandages, meaning every inch of your skin is cleansed and nourished so you look and feel fabulous after leaving the salon.

Detoxifying – The mineral rich sea clay solution helps to extract toxins located beneath the skin leaving you feeling revitalized after every treatment.

Skin Tightening – Universal Contour Wrap is an effective way of reducing loose skin after pregnancy or weight changes caused by dieting or cosmetic surgery such as liposuction.

$199 for 1 wrap or $499 for 3 wraps

A Review Of The Universal Contour Wrap

The most I have ever pampered myself is getting a pedicure or manicure done at a spa. I have never ONCE treated myself to a body wrap or even a full body massage (I KNOW! I AM SO DEPRIVED!!!). While reading a new pamphlet at my local spa, my mental dialogue went something like this: “You gotta be joking me? Lose at least 6″ on my first wrap treatment says this brochure? Well gosh, I WANT to lose 6″ off this body... now where do I sign up?”

Put available entertains. You i need a 2nd payday loan reviewed thing their and payday advance center book still and all This? I didn’t know what to expect. Do I have to get completely nude? Would I see any results like the pamphlet said I would? Are they going to wrap me so tightly that it will be hard for me to breathe? Will it make me look super sexy in that super-tight dress I want to wear on the weekend? Just some of my random thoughts going through my mind. They like to call this the “Universal Contour Wrap“ or as I like to call it “Mummification” (Oh... you will see). The Universal Contour Wrap (UCW) has claims of detoxification, compaction, improved lymphatic drainage, and skin tightening. NO! The wrap doesn’t get rid of just water weight. In fact, in order for the detoxifying process to continue, a client is encouraged to drink TONS of water post-wrap.

The wrap specialist, was my esthetician for the day. She handed me over some disposable underwear and then instructed for me to get undressed. After leaving me for a few minutes while I was undressing, she came back gladly with the measurement chart for the FUN PART to begin. I thought the usual would be measured (hip, waist, chest, thigh, bicep) BUT was surprised to see a whole page full of measurements she needed to do…18 different spots to be exact ACK.

After measuring everything and I mean EVERYTHING, it was finally “WRAP-TIME”. All the wrap pieces were heated beforehand in the UCW basin and soaked in the clay-detoxifying formulation. She wrapped me up but not too tightly (thank goodness) since I am somewhat claustrophobic. I lost count as to how many wrap pieces were in the basin but there were at least 20+. No corner was left unturned! The whole process takes 2 hours (30mins for measuring/wrapping at beginning & end of session, as well as the whole hour of detoxifying).

After all the wraps were secured, I was given a very stylish sauna suit (see right picture) to wear whilst in my 1-hour of detoxifying stage. I was instructed to lay down on what looked like to me the comfy spa bed, which was then blanketed (with me underneath) with a heated blanket (OOOH, so nice!). The lights were dim. The music playing in the room was soothing. So very zen-like. It was just the right atmosphere for me to fully relax and be with my own thoughts…err…well that was until I passed out.

I woke up closer to the end of the session feeling the moisture or “toxins” within the sauna suit. I was super excited and anxious to see the results. First came off the sauna suit. Then came the unravelling process, which took 10-15 minutes followed by measurements (another 10 minutes).


Well take a look for yourself. The first column are the initial measurements. The second column are the post-wrap measurements. The third column displays the differences between the two.


Mid-section feels tighter and noticeably slimmer. Total body “tightness”.

If you need more information about this service, check out the official website at https://universalcontourwrap.com/



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