Needle Dermabrasion

What is needle dermabrasion?

Needle dermabrasion is much the same procedure as tattooing, but without pigments. A high-speed digital machine places thin needles in the lower and higher dermis skin layer, breaking the already formed collagen chain. Your skin repairs the trauma promoting collagen to plump up the wrinkles or reduce an existing scar. As with anything, more than one treatment is advised, however you will see a notable change after just one treatment.

Who is needle dermabrasion for?

For anyone and everyone. Anyone who would like to reduce the appearance of scars or deep lines and fine lines, acne scars.

From small to large the scar is better prepared AFTER one year since trauma. No keloid, raised and/or purple scars will be worked on.

From deep lines to acne scars this is the most productive way of changing the appearance of your skin.

$199 per treatment
Consultations range from 25 – 30 mins $25



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